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We should't be away 11/26

I sound like a broken record but I hate that we cannot hold onto each other during disagreements.

The other day was a good example of how important it is to go and embrace each other when we dont align mentally to show that we want to physically ground each other. And now the space. Instead of blocking and cutting off all communication and not embracing each other we should set times to do thing to reinforce each others love. Maybe its my anxiousness but now I have no means of contacting you. And now it looks like I dont reach out because I dont want to. Regardless of your decision with me I want to show you I care. I want to show I care in the toughest of times because thats what someone who can deal with a lot does.

Like if you could just come to Alinas birthday dispite our conflict I think we would have a great time. We have shown that our moments of light has been really comofrting rather than just soaking in our pain.

I DONT WANT TO BE WITHOUT YOU. Even a tough life with you is worth it. My soul cant say anytbing else.

Yet Im here. No way to ever talk to you again without accidently seeing you. I hate not being given the option to no longer contact you and its mot something Id ever do to you. My phone jas always and will always be open to the person I love.

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