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Welcome! I'm Austin Nay, also known as NayNay, and I specialize in visual storytelling. As a filmmaker, my focus is on curating visuals that capture the essence of you, your business, and your events. I believe that creating compelling visual storytelling elements is about more than just what looks good; it's about understanding your history, audience, and goals. My aim is to truly grasp the essence of the story you are telling and convey it through my skills as a cinematographer and photographer.


In 2023, I will have completed four years of freelancing with Unknown DestiNaytions, during which I have worked with a diverse range of clients all over the world. However, my experience didn't begin there. I have also worked with Colorado State University's Ram Vision to document D1 athletes, Lookwell Media to capture Heather Hartman's journey to the root of healthy eating, and Nectar Solutions to help Amazon brands reach 5-figure monthly sales.


Unknown DesitNaytions is inspired by the people I have met throughout my life's journey. Each project takes me to an unknown destination, where I have the opportunity to meet new individuals and share their unique stories. Many of these individuals have become close friends, and we continue to explore life together!

Let's transform fleeting moments and emotions into stories that others can experience on a greater level than our creative realm.

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