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Things I love about you

Hi :) I never knew how important you were going to be to me when I first met you. You became the reason I've become the person I am today. You are someone that I never want to lose and became someone I think of in every single moment. Last night I drove back from aspen and talked to the producer of our shoot. And every time he and I talked about his realtionship and how it worked all I could think about was you. How it's something I only want with you. He got married to the love of his life after 9 months. Then was married for 18 years. And it''s not easy but the promise he made to her is to never stop learning how to love her. And dammit thats how I feel about you. I never want to stop learning because it will never be done, but I never want to stop learning with you, My love. Even during the wedding. just like always I begin to tear up thinking of you. I want to dance with you, laugh with you, and freaking cry with you on our day. I've been writing to you in my journal and other website. And theres so many more things I want to desperately tell you, but Im not sure if you want to hear it at this point. So I guess the last part of this page will be all of the reasons I love you. What makes you so freaking special and unlike anyone else in this world. It's me saying the usual, I love you.

Things i love about you

I love how you bring snacks in the car

I love the noise you make when you cant do something

I love thats there nothing you cant do if you try hard enough

I love that you take care of your parents

I love that you fit so many different types of humans

I love that you want to take care of me and help so much

I love how bad you are at puzzles I love that you are in the gym

I love the way you say booty I love your nose I love your hugs from behund

I love laging in your lap I love your massages

I love your hugs after a long time

I love that you love tayto I love your taste in clothing

I love you sexy hair lol I love your smile

I love your laugh I love how you dont know certain words

I love that you do your interpretations

I love you singing titanium I love you dancing in the rain

I love seeing you sit in your room

I love that you capture moments of us so well

I love that in a crowd of people you are the most unique person there

I love the way yoiu kiss my eye

I love the way you drink your wine with ice

I love the way you sit and talk with old people

I love your strength in who you are

I love you little belly after you eat

I love the little dance you do when you bob your hair back in forth

I love that you can be ready in minutes because you are so natural

I love how you are the perfect size

I love that you love my brother

I love that you want to just be my best friend where we care for each other

I love how determined you were to pick up snowboarding

I love how eager you were to start your future and invest in a house with me

I love your taster in interior design

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