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The cycle 11/17

The weather is beautiful this morning, my ankle is sore, and I have a tiny cough. But wow this morning feels nice. I really hope I get to see you today.

Anyways I watched a post about the cycle of dating.

It starts with the honeymoon phase where you love each other and see so much possibilty in each other. 6-24 months.

Next is comfort where things seem dull or things start to get frusterating because you begin triggering each other. Distance begins to ensure. 18-36 months.

Then is healing & growth. This part is super important because this is what defines a relationship that lasts forever. You both have to realize you are on the same team and begin to hold a place of understanding for each other rather than being two egos that want to win fights. You aren't trying to hold count of who hurts who. Who loves who more. Instead you both choose to bring a deeper space of compassion love and understanding to each other.

The issue is people can't move past their triggers and egos. People often stop here and only go back and forth from the honeymoon and stop at the healing and growth

If we past all that we end up at deeper soul connection and now we truly understand each others shadows, deeper self, and choose each other no matter what. Accept and grow and love each other no matter what.

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