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Take my hand

Writing here and talking really isn't enough Hnin. When I say Im begging from the bottom of my heart to understand that we both need to understand how much we have gone through to forgive and accept each other for this to work its because I dont want us to throw this away, I want to make this work no matter what it takes. I'm not wanting to change these things just cause you asked me to but because I want to. I want to live a life with you and thats how you know we wont hold any resentment toward each other. You've moved in a direction of life that I too love and I want to do the same thing as long as its with you. If a part of you is here please just let me know so we dont let go. Just go to relationship therapy with me please and lets find away. I literally have it engraved on my arm to not give up and not to lose hope. Its something that caught your eye so long ago and that cant be by chance. Everything about us is not chance. I swear everything thats happened in life has lead us to each other and made us grow and understand what is needed for each other. Please I know this faith is crazy in us but I know you and myself deep down. We can do this just let me come and you take my hand. We dont have to worry about anything like we did in January because you and I have focused on ourselves these last couple months.

So please, just take my hand.

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