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Over time

Well it's April. More time that's gone by. Do you feel better? Has everything in your heart been let go? The pain, the intimacy, the happiness, the sadness? Does it feel less? Does it still feel fresh?

Stuff I write about everyday in my journal lol

Anyways I often think about what kind of love I envision in different forms of art. And you know I never really think of EDM music when it comes to my love with someone. I heard "better together" by jack johnson. A song I havent heard in a very long time. And it makes me think of morning days, breakfast, rainy days. I think of the spiderman movie where he sits on top of the city with Gwen I think of the movies with really small moments where they lay in a hammock, joke in bed, and stuff their heads into each others chest.

It's honestly the love I thought of as a teenager growing up. Yeah. Just the tiny moments that make up something no short of a lifetime.

Random side note, I saw vanessa and my cousin katie doing a tiktok dance to tpain and all I could say in my head was "Hnin knows that dance and kills it!" and just kept screaming it in my head. Made me smile even though no one knew.

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