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Our kiddo 11/24

I had the craziest most vivid dream last night. I know you said youd never want me to be the father of your child but I had a dream we had one. I can't quite remember all the details of it but I held that child so close, but for some reason you didn't want anything to do with us. I was so sad because we missed you so much. Then at the end I saw you and didnt get to talk to you.

I also think of Tayto is our kiddo. I stare at her and think of you. I hold her when I think of you. I just will never get over holding you two. Anything is worth getting through for a future like that.

Im also sitting right now with phanath and katies kiddo in my arms. Shes laying on me while we watch bugs life. The parents honestly love how I manage their kiddo lol. They said hurry up and give us some grand children lol. Alina kept saving my seat because she only wants to sit with me haha

I wish the dream ended with you with us.

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