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My parents are getting it divorce lol

Remember when you were hoping it was a relaxed trip or something after your birthday message? It was a really bad fight and I havent really talked about it much but its been on my mind a ton. Well, it got worse and they decided to seperate on tuesday.

Im sad that they will not be together at my wedding

Im sad my significant other will never experience my family together

Im sad my kid will never see them together

Im sad they lived such hard lives and will be sad in a part where everything is suppose to be happy

Im sad that my dad was alone as a child and alone as an adult

Im sad my dad may move to cambodia

Im sad washington was our last family trip

Im sad we wont eat together for my birthday

Im honestly heartbroken lol cried a bunch

I saw that your grandma isn't well. Its crazy because I dreamed about that the other day. I hope you guys are all okay. Can't imagine how hard it is for you mom and you. You were raised by your grandparents right? Sending lots of love from far away as always.

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