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Special Treat Here <4 11/13

Updated: Nov 13

If you are still coming here after yesterday you have to see the videos below. There's the video of the moment I knew you were special to me and I haven't looked back since. I still find the really simple things you do is what I fall in love with and will always fall in love with. I will always fall in love with you. Last night was no different.

Just the fact that you came last night to be around spoke volumes even though the words were not what I wanted to hear. I just want you to be happy. And at this point I want to do what you ask of me. Because for so long I always argued against you and I hate seeing you hurt. And hearing you say last night "if you love me youll let me go" broke me. Because thats the only thing Ive known these last three years is loving you. And it felt like I was forced to let you go.

You mentioned that you never wanted this and I dont want this, so here I say I dont want to let go. I want to hold you forever. I want to cry in your arms. Laugh in your arms. Sleep in your arms. Honestly this is extreme but dying in your arms wouldnt be bad either. I keep thinking that I want to be in the hospital so I can see you and you can hold my hand smh.

Anywayws the other videos is you drunk and doing your hand thing, the first ever video I made of you and I, and just us playing around in my old room.

We have so many beautful moments throughout time that we will never remember anything and I want to create more to cover them. Honestly I feel like a tiktok a day will keep the bad feelings away with you. Just because we are goofy. I still save tiktoks to this day I want to do with you.

Hnin, I can't stomach this. How could I ever be without you?

PS another video from our drive in concert. You saw me recording and came over to me and I dropped the camera and kissed you again <3

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