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If you dont quit 11/13

There's a phrase I heard today.

If you dont quit, you might make it.

If you do quit, you will never make it.

By trying my best to not force myself into you life doesnt mean I quit. I'm never going to quit because I can't. I can never stop loving you. I keep falling in love with you everytime we touch. Everytime we talk. Everytime we look at each other.

I get that you don't want me around because of the exact reason of our unextinguishable love for each other, however, I will not pretend to not love you. I won't force myself into your life by baorderline stalking you, but every lucky present of your precense I get I will take. I will smile, stare into you eyes, hold you, and just ask about life. Everything you choose from that moment is yours, but I know mine will be love.

Here's a picture of taytos hair cut and her hair ties

and here's a video aaron sent to me. he talked about how comfortable he felt with us when he needed a space. then I noticed you took the phone to record the people we love and it kinda melted my heart because you do exactly what I do. I wonder if its cause I loved it or because you wanted to record it lol.

I love that you grab me when the song says "im falling for you right now"

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