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I was walking to my car the other night

And I felt like this:

I was angry at so much. And I felt like it was against everyone else but it was myself. I was angry that life wasnt straightforward and simple. I was angry that two people who love each other as much as we do arent together. I was angry that I enjoyed a soulection party without you. I was angry that I do so many things without you because in every one of those moments I know you and I would have to much fun together and its things you love. I hate watching a sunset without you. I hate that its so complicated for my parents while people who do care get it easy. I hate that I dont have the answers to help my parents. I hate that I dont have the answers to help so many poeple. Im just there. Im currently doing a vidoe for davita and meeting with lawmakers and all of the people you talked to on the phone. The patients. The pople who administer dyalysis. And all I want to do is tell you about the people I met on the other side of your phone because you cared about them so much.

Im so sick and tired right now and (from the best tv show ever) i felt like zuko.

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