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hey there :)

I could totally be wrong about this, but Michael Chung huh?

After I told you he followed you around like a lost puppy at the casino and that he liked you. You said "he had a girlfriend". After I told you I was uncomfortable about him at red rocks you gaslit me and said how could I make you uncomfortable about a friendship and I broke down and begged for forgiveness. This is just like you to set yourself up for success just like when you were done with Dylan and hopped to me. It's okay because it "was already over" and that we knew that. But Im sure he felt blindsided and I felt blindsided.

And if it's true and you're with him why are you here reading this?

Didn't you just post a book about being intentionally single? Really? Another person again?

Remember all those things you were worried about regarding me and being to close to someone that you felt uncomfortable with, I never ended up with any of them because they were truly friends. YOU are the one that ended up with a "friend". So take that projection off of me please.

I'm not sure who you will end up with, but if you are with Michael Chung you aren't ever gonna have an intertwined soul like you did with me, I can promise you he will never be what I have inside of me. But at the end of the day you're smiling. And if it's as simple as companionship and your immediate gratification then so be it. I truly do want you to be happy and if this is the deepness you and I talked about all those nights. Then so be it. All the things I wrote above is just me expressing my real emotions.

But at the end of the day my controlled behavior is to let you be without the guilt. So please be happy. I don't think I'll ever trust you again, but I will always love and pray that you get what your soul needs/wants/deserves.

See you later boat boat, always wishing you the best. Not Michael though lol just you.

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