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Goodwill Hunting

I always knew I loved this movie. I think I may have mentioned it to you before. Funny thing is the last time I watched it was before I met you. I saw myself in the character. Now I watch it I think of you between the main character and his girlfriend.

There was a trend going around "movies to get to know me by" welp I cried both times I watched this movie. One of the most powerful performances.

this scene is saying that everyone is just fine in their lives without knowing each other and then when you find these details out about each other this perfect image goes away. but then there are these tiny things you come to know and love about each other. the way robin wiliiams talks about is dead wife is the way I still talk about you. to a friend. to my dad. anytime I see something you do or love I mention it no hesitation. If I see you in the world I have to tell someone that it reminds me of you.

then at the end he asks do you wish you never met her? of course I would never wish that. the pain right now is worth everything beforehand. he never would trade the grief counseling, the death, the chemo for his love with her.

another part that talks about never regretting anything in life for something that was your world

this scene goes back in forth. where she apologizes for something she didnt understand and that she just wants him to know she loves him and cries as he leaves. I feel the world coming down when someone you love walks out the door thinking that love isnt there. them both being afraid is so interesting because its paralleled in two beliefs. scared to never let go, scared to lose it all, scared of abandonment (him). when you grow up doing things on your own then you feel like everyone will make you do that eventually so we push the closest people away.

the end of this. wow one of the strongest scenes ever. "its not your fault". its not our fault that we had to figure things out by ourselves. its not our fault that we were left with our feelings of pain deep down. its not our fault that we feel so different and isolated from people. its not our fault that we feel everyone leaves. its not our fault we are angry, insecure, hurt. humans make mistakes. we are human. we are such complex creatures and cannot shoulder something that we dealt with unconsciously as children.

this was a throw up that Ive been meaning to write. maybe one day Ill come back and reword/articulate it better.

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