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Dont give up, Dont Lose Hope

Hey Boat Boat. I know there's a question of whether I can't let you go or I choose to refuse to let you go. You may think that is the reason the can't picture himself with anyone else because he won't allow it his mind and feelings to feel otherwise? But that's the thing. It's a choice to choose you and everything with it. You are right, time and time again this has been hard and it feels endless. Three years this halloween weekend. But here's the thing, this shit is going to be hard. Being with someone is a commitment to be with them no matter how tough it is. Our happy days, our exciting days all of that isn't consistent 100% of the time in a relationship. There's going to be hard days, boring days, and everything between the two extremes. What isn't temporary is love. And I've always loved you and you have always loved me. Unconditional love is something that is suppose to last no matter what for two people to be together.

My tattoo says don't give up & don't lose hope. It's applicable in so many situations, but it is on my arm as a reminder. Whether is don't give up on us. Don't give up on happiness, don't give up on hope, don't give up on ourselves it's something set as a reminder. I see us both navigating through life trying to just find pockets of joy and a place of safety and to be honest my best nights are having you next to me. It always has been because you are what is on my mind 24/7. Whether I am alone or with people, whether I am sad or happy, in all situations you being next to me is what means to most. It's where I melt and all the tension goes away.

I know all these words and thoughts are repetitive. I know that this page has swayed your emotions and may make you feel manipulative from changing your feelings so much. So I just wanted to leave this here. I have all the other letters and future letters somewhere else now. I just needed to pour everything to you publicly one more time just in case you were here. As long as I have your letter with me you can always bet that I'll be right here.

I love you so much.

P.S. I actually will probably move my letter of encouragement here too actually, but everything else will be somewhere that doesn't have to make you feel like you have to read all of this so much <3

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