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This picture made me think of you.

This temple was on top of the mountain in ruins. It's so crazy to see an ancient civilization that is completely abandoned except for a monk deep deeep within the ruins.

Coming home was hard because I knew I wouldn't be picked up by you and able to talk about such a meaningful trip. I feel like no one else would get these things because 1 they are all american and 2 havent been that intimate with me.

My dad mentioned how he would live in cambodia again and it made me think back to you and how you want to visit and your parents move back. It's comfort for you all being in the culture you know best even though my dad has spent 90% of his life in cambodia. As an American I didnt get that and felt like spending time with him gave me a glace into you.

Another part of my trip is my parents visiting their homes. There was a big family fight with sabrinas parents and Ill never forgive her step father in law. He is a horrible human and if my parents get divorced because of him I'll lose it. Ugh it was so bad and more than I could type. I didnt know who to talk to about such a catastrophic event. And then my grandma fell and got hurt as well. I forgot the word you used in the text but this was not anywhere close to a relaxing easy trip.

But the main thing I wish I could have laid in bed and told you about is how we found my dad's family. The spot where they were all killed and stacked their bodies we found it on a whim. I was alone with my dad and the place is now a school. He broke down which is the second time in my life Ive seen him like this. I held him and he just prayed. Told his family he returned told them he was sorry. Asked them to protect us. It broke my heart. I just broke down too. We then had a funeral together and I cried with my mom dad and grandma and said hello to the family I never met.

The tears of my dad, the tears of you. the tears of my mom, the tears of my brother. It breaks my heart into a million pieces because of what you all mean to me in this world.

Just a glimpse into my trip.

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