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Art & Talk 11/10

I need to be better at talking to you rather than hoping you read things here. Message you directly to talk rather than assuming you come here to understand.

Here should be more of things that inspire our passion. That continues to ignite everything deep within us.

To me when I first met you:

How do you feel about her after all these years? You've never loved anything more in your life.

Are we still in love? Forever, I can't imagine a world where we ever stop loving each other. No matter what I'll love her.

Will everything be worth it? Yes, do whatever you can. Change and learn everything you can. Everything is worth this person.

Do we make it?

Yes, we are going to make it. It won't be easy with everything that has happen, but as long as you never let go and provide everything she's asked for. Everything that she deserves. Everything that you two want so dearly together, you guys make it.

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