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Some consider corporate videography to be dull and boring. We, on the other hand, consider it to be of the upmost importance while expressing the emotions of concern, celebration, and more of the company and employees. These videos help entire corporations relay a message in a to keep their employees safe, informed, and united.

The major mining company, at the time known as Newmont Mining, was implementing new safety regulations using the Kaizen Project. The Kaizen Project involved employees from around the world  (South America, Africa, Australia, and North America) to asses what practices be improved regarding safety. Being the chief video editor I utilized videos provided by individuals from around the world (and my own) to summarize the developmental efforts of the employees.



The environmental sciences department at Colorado State University has developed a new program known as Citizen Science. Citizen Science assists researchers by providing them with tools to help analyze and record data like never before. The team wanted to introduce their new program to parters of science and showcase the testing that they have done with their program.


As mentioned in the preview video, the environmental science department has developed a new program that assisted researchers in gathering and analyzing information. Now the team wanted to introduce the team that develop the program, as well as, recap their trip to a convention where they unveiled their program to other scientists in the field

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