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Traveling videography is where my initial love for videography started. People are such an important part of my life, I believe traveling to new places and experiencing different cultures give us new perspective on the world. These perspectives helps us  understand each other and experience our beautiful world in another light. 

With my friends Victor Chea and Alexa Dixon, I traveled to the city of Seattle and throughout Snowqualmine Pass. We had the opportunity to experience roaring waterfalls and the snow capped mountains of the state. Then we ventured out into the city to taste some of the best seafood I've ever had locals taking us to eateries, the Starbucks Roastery, and of course, Pikes Market.



While on a quick trip to Chicago, Illinois for Lollapalooza, I had the opportunity to capture moments in the concrete jungle. Within the three days I was there I had the opportunity to jump into Lake Michigan, eat some deep dish pizza, visit the sky tower, and explore the underground highways.  


During 2017 I began to invest into my videography. This led me to capture my travels and allowed me to showcase my love for videography. These travels go from the beaches of San Diego, California to the mountain tops of Mount Bierdstadt in Colorado.


Day trip to Salt Lake City. The mountains, Salt Flats, and city were empty. Just before the Corona Virus Pandemic hit we had one last opportunity to enjoy good company and the beautiful secrets of Utah.

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