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Models are the peak of the photo industry. They can create a feeling with just the look of their eyes. We want to take that story one step further by implementing music and sounds to showcase our models in a different lens.

Abbey Nelson (@abthecat) is a young, talented, upcoming model. She has acting experience and edits videos as well. We curated a story of getting lost in a book when alone in the mountains of Breckenridge, Colorado. The sunrise at Lake Dillon was almost as breathtaking as she was. 


Brianna Crafton (@bricrafts) is an old friend that resides in Orange County, California. Although modeling is not her main occupations she dabbles from time to time. During my visit to California she showed me to the iconic LACMA lights where she captured the attention of the public. 


Once again, featuring my dear friend Brianna Crafts (@bricarfts). On day two of our adventures we went to the Santa Barbra Pier to enjoy the amusement park playing games and catching the sunset on the ferris wheel. We even enjoyed the beach underneath the pier chasing a few seagulls for fun.


Behind the scenes of a photography session with Danni Simone. Danni is a huge influence in the Colorado dance community where she has taught classes in Boulder, CO. She has danced for artist such as JaRule and definite someone you should keep your eye out for!


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